Prime Beach Front

Prime Beach Front

$60 / per night
Prime Beach Front
Max. Guests
2 Adults,2 Children Guests
Booking Nights
10 Min.
28X50 m²

Step out to our beautiful beach. Our prime beachfront sites come in a variety of sizes. The regular beachfront site is 24X45 ft. Wake up to a different sunrise every day, each with its own personality and glow. Our more sought-after sites for sure.

What Is Included:

  • Free Wifi
  • Picnic table
  • Laundry
  • Parking
  • Resort Amenities

Site prices include up to 2 people per site and 1 licensed vehicle (including all trailer types)

Site Pricing:

  • $1,100 USD per month
  • $370 USD per week
  • $60 USD per day

Water & Electric 30/50 Amp Hookup (both are metered and charged seperately)

Your electric and water consumption bill will be delivered on the 10th day of each month or on your check out day

Pets are allowed but must always be leashed or contained and attended to. As a courtesy to our other guests, you must clean up after your pet.

Any balance remaining on your account is charged to the credit card on file 48 hours prior to your arrival.

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